Critical Hits

Weapon Target
Minor Bleeding1d2hp/turn, save vs. death stops. Bandaging takes 1d6 rounds.
Major Bleeding1d2hp/round until healed or bound. Stoppable by CLW (still heals), healing of 5 damage by any other means, or healing check. For untrained Int-check to reduce to minor.
Severe Bleeding1d6x10% of full hp/round. CLW reduces to major; CSW (or 10hp healing) reduces to minor; CCW or heal stops altogether. Untrained no chance to bind torso, abdomen or head wound, healing check at -4 reduces to major.
GrazedCLW (or 4hp healing) heals. Heal naturally as if 1d6hp loss.
StruckCLW (or 5hp healing) heals. Heal naturally as if 2d6hp loss
InjuredCSW (or 10hp healing) heals. Injured arms, legs or tails reduce to 75% hitpoints. Abdomen, torso or head reduce to 50%.
BrokenSevere fractures. Broken bones mended by CSW devoted to just knitting bone, no healing. Heal naturally as if 20d6hp loss. Broken arm reduces to 75% hitpoints. Broken ribs or legs to 50%. Any other bones to 25%.
Crushed, Shattered or DestroyedNever usable again. Never heals naturally. Victim bedridden for at least 1d8 months. CCW (or 20hp healing) repairs. Bones in the area assumed to be broken, may require more healing magic. Destroyed shoulders, hips or limbs reduce to 50% hitpoints. Any other wounds of this magnitude reduce to 25%.
SeveredOnly way to undo is renegeneration. Shock prevents from moving or attacking for 2d10 weeks. If "only" losing a hand, may perform limited activities after being stunned for 1d6 rounds, if System Shock roll succeeds. Partial loss of limb reduces by 25%hp, bigger by 50%. If compensatable by wooden leg or hook, hp loss may be reduced by a step.