The Rural Armory

Ring10030667Valelan lands only
Studded leather2025567E
Scale12040656E, particularly elvish lands
Bronze plate40045144Ancient tombs
Splint45040432Eastern urban centers, Miles
Banded65035243Ancient Miles, graves, urban centers
Plate1000070033Great urban centers
Small (roundshield)35+12E
Medium (heater or round)710+13E
Large (body, tower, kite)1015+24E
Great helm30101-2E
Basinet854-1Miles, other urban centers
Spangenhelm with aventail5550E
Warhammer+1 to hit plated armors.
Bastard sword+1 to hit mail or plated armors.
Quarterstaff-2 to hit plated armor.
Lucern hammer+2 to hit plated armor.
Bec de corbin+3 to hit plated armor.
Bills, bill-guisarmes, glaive-guisarmes, and guisarmes+2 bonus to pull/trip attempts against riders.
Bardiche, the halberd, and the voulge or Lochaber axe+2 to hit plated armor or mail.
Ranseur, spetum, and partisan+2 bonus on any trap or block attempts.
PilumWhen a thrown pilum hits a shielded opponent or misses by only one or two points, it sticks in the shield. The weapon's weight bends the soft iron head and makes the shield unusable until the pilum is removed-a process that requires 1d6 combat rounds. Magical shields have a 20% chance per plus of ignoring the pilum's effects.
Horseman's pick+1 to hit plated armor.
Footman's pick+2 to hit plated armor.
Maul+1 to hit mail or plated armors.
Morningstar+1 to hit plated armor.
Horseman's mace+1 to hit mail.
Footman's mace+2 to hit mail.
HandaxeWith a called shot, an axe can be thrown at an enemy's shield, which must then roll a successful saving throw vs. normal blow or be ruined.
Horseman's flailThe horseman's flail gains a +1 bonus on attacks against targets using shields, since it can easily strike around them. In addition, horseman's flails gain a +2 bonus on any attempts to trap or offensively disarm an opponent's weapon.
Footman's flail+1 to hit plated armors.
Stiletto+2 to hit armored opponents.
ChainIf the chain is used for a pull/trip maneuver, the attacker gains a +4 bonus on his Strength check. This also applies to pull/trips against riders.