Priest Spells

As per the rules, there are major and minor spheres for each god. Priests may cast any spell from their major spheres, and spells up to 3rd level from their minor spheres. I use this system, but only as a guideline. Priest player characters may prepare any spell that they feel is related to their god's portfolio. Spells only tangentially related to their gods portfolio may be prepared as long as they are of 3rd level or lower. If a player is in doubt about whether a spell qualifies, they should pass it to the DM for judgement. If they prepare a spell that is unsuitable, it simply does not function when they try to cast it.

Because there are so many spells to choose from, this page exists as a resource for priests to compile their spells. It is also a place for custom priest spells or those imported from other sources. If there a spell from one of the sourcebooks and or third-party sources that have been imported that does not appear here, assume that I have decided not to include it - usually because it is stupid, like Compulsive Order. There are so many spells for priests to choose from that it is pointless to muddy the water with spells that make people compulsively sweep.

The Great Net Prayerbook can be found here. With this resource, in particular, it should be kept in mind that spells from the GNPB not specifically listed on this page are not permitted. If you want to prepare a spell from the GNPB that is not listed here, ask me (I'm looking at you, James).

ToM: Tome of Magic
SaM: Spells and Magic
CBoN: Complete Book of Necromancers
CBoD: Complete Book of Druids

Level 1

Analyze Balance (ToM)
Animal Friendship
Anti-Vermin Barrier (ToM)
Astral Celerity (SaM)
Battlefate (SaM)
Beastmask (CBoD)
Blessed Watchfulness (SaM)
Calculate (SaM)
Call Upon Faith (ToM)
Calm Animals (SaM)
Courage (ToM)
Create Water
Cure Light Wounds
Detect Evil
Detect Magic
Detect Poison
Detect Snares and Pits
Dispel Fatigue (SaM)
Ebony Hand (CBoN)
Emotion Read (ToM)
Endure Cold/Endure Heat
Faerie Fire
Firelight (SaM)
Invisibility to Animals
Invisibility to Undead
Know Age (ToM)
Know Direction (ToM)
Know Time (ToM)
Locate Animals or Plants
Log of Everburning (ToM)
Magical Stone
Mistake Missive (ToM)
Morale (ToM)
Orison (SaM)
Pass Without Trace
Personal Reading (ToM)
Protection from Chaos (SaM)
Protection from Evil
Purify Food and Drink
Remove Fear
Ring of Hands (ToM)
Sacred Guardian (ToM)
Skeletal Servant (CBoN)
Speak With Astral Traveller (ToM)
Spectral Senses (CBoN)
Strength of Stone (SaM)
Sunscorch (SaM)
Thought Capture (ToM)
Undead Alacrity (CBoN)
Weighty Chest (ToM)
Whisperward (CBoD)
Wind Column (SaM)

Level 2

Animal Spy (CBoD)
Astral Awareness (SaM)
Aura of Comfort (ToM)
Beastspite (CBoD)
Calm Chaos (ToM)
Chaos Ward (SaM)
Charm Person
Create Holy Symbol (ToM)
Cure Moderate Wounds (SaM)
Detect Charm
Dissension's Feast (ToM)
Draw Upon Holy Might (ToM)
Dust Devil
Emotion Perception (ToM)
Ethereal Barrier (SaM)
Find Traps
Fire Trap
Flame Blade
Frisky Chest (ToM)
Gift of Speech (CBoD)
Hear Heartbeat (CBoN)
Heat Metal
Hesitation (ToM)
Hold Person
Idea (ToM)
Iron Vigil (SaM)
Know Alignment
Lighten Load (ToM)
Mind Read (ToM)
Moment (ToM)
Music of the Spheres (ToM)
Nap (ToM)
Produce Flame
Rally (ToM)
Resist Acid and Corrosion (SaM)
Resist Fire/Cold
Resist Turning (CBoN)
Restore Strength (SaM)
Sanctify (ToM)
Silence, 15' Radius
Slow Poison
Snake Charm
Soften Earth and Stone (SaM)
Speak with Animals
Spiritual Hammer
Warp Wood
Watery Fist (SaM)
Wyvern Watch
Zone of Truth (ToM)

Level 3

Accelerate Healing (ToM)
Adaptation (ToM)
Astral Window (ToM)
Animate Dead
Call Lightning
Caltrops (ToM)
Choose Future (ToM)
Continual Light
Control Animal (SaM)
Create Campsite (ToM)
Create Food and Drink
Cure Blindness
Cure Disease
Death's Door (CBoN)
Detect Spirits (SaM)
Dictate (SaM)
Dispel Magic
Efficacious Monster Ward (ToM)
Emotion Control (ToM)
Etherealness (SaM)
Extradimension Detection (ToM)
Feign Death
Flame Walk
Fortify (SaM)
Glyph of Warding
Helping Hand (ToM)
Hold Animal
Hold Poison (SaM)
Invisibility Purge (ToM)
Know Customs (ToM)
Life Drain (CBoN)
Locate Object
Magical Vestment
Memory Read (ToM)
Meld Into Stone
Miscast Magic (ToM)
Moment Reading (ToM)
Negative Plane Protection
Pass Without Trace, 10' Radius (CBoD)
Plant Growth
Protection from Fire
Random Causality (ToM)
Remove Curse
Remove Paralysis
Repair Injury (SaM)
Rigid Thinking (ToM)
Shape Wood (CBoD)
Slow Rot (ToM)
Speak With Dead
Spike Growth
Spirit Bind (CBoN)
Squeaking Floors (ToM)
Stone Shape
Strength of One (ToM)
Summon Animal Spirit (SaM)
Summon Insects
Telepathy (ToM)
Telethaumaturgy (ToM)
Thief's Lament (ToM)
Unfailing Premonition (SaM)
Unearthly Choir (ToM)
Water Breathing
Water Walk
Weather Prediction (SaM)
Wind Servant (SaM)
Zone of Sweet Air (ToM)

Level 4

Adamantite Mace (SaM)
Addition (ToM)
Age Plant (ToM)
Animal Summoning I
Blessed Warmth (ToM)
Body Clock (ToM)
Call Woodland Beings
Cause Insanity (CBoN)
Chaotic Combat (ToM)
Chaotic Sleep (ToM)
Circle of Privacy (ToM)
Cloak of Bravery/Fear
Control Temperature, 10' Radius
Cure Serious Wounds
Defensive Harmony (ToM)
Detect Animal Attacker (CBoD)
Detect Lie
Dimensional Anchor (SaM)
Dimensional Folding (ToM)
Earthmaw (CBoD)
Entrench (SaM)
Fire Purge (ToM)
Focus (ToM)
Free Action
Giant Insect
Hallucinatory Forest
Heart Blight (CBoN)
Hold Plant
Hunger (CBoD)
Imbue With Spell Ability
Inverted Ethics (ToM)
Join With Astral Traveller (ToM)
Knurl (CBoD)
Lower Water
Mental Domination (ToM)
Modify Memory (ToM)
Needlestorm (CBoD)
Neutralize Poison
Omniscient Eye (SaM)
Plague Curse (CBoN)
Plant Door
Probability Control (ToM)
Produce Fire
Protection From Evil, 10' Radius
Protection from Lightning
Rapport (ToM)
Recitation (SaM)
Reflecting Pool
Repel Insects
Speak With Plants
Spell Immunity
Sticks to Snakes
Suspended Animation (SaM)
Thought Broadcast (ToM)
Unfailing Endurance (SaM)
Uplift (ToM)
Weather Stasis (ToM)
Windborne (SaM)

Level 5

Age Object (ToM)
Air Walk
Animal Growth
Animal Summoning II
Animate Flame (SaM)
Anti-Plant Shell
Barrier of Retention (ToM)
Blessed Abundance (ToM)
Champion's Strength (ToM)
Chaotic Commands (ToM)
Clear Path (ToM)
Cloudscape (CBoD)
Cloud of Purification (ToM)
Commune With Nature
Control Winds
Cure Critical Wounds
Dimensional Translocation (SaM)
Disguise (ToM)
Dispel Evil
Elemental Forbiddance (ToM)
Flame Strike
Grounding (ToM)
Impregnable Mind (SaM)
Insect Plague
Magic Font
Mindshatter (ToM)
Pass Plant
Plane Shift
Produce Ice (SaM)
Raise Dead
Righteous Wrath of the Faithful (SaM)
Scourge (CBoN)
Shrieking Walls (ToM)
Strengthen Stone (CBoD)
Thornwrack (CBoD)
Time Pool (ToM)
Transmute Rock to Mud
True Seeing
Unceasing Vigilance of the Holy Sentinel (ToM)
Undead Spell Focus (CBoN)
Undead Regeneration (CBoN)
Undead Ward (ToM)
Wall of Fire

Level 6

Age Creature (ToM)
Aerial Servant
Animal Summoning III
Animate Object
Anti-Animal Shell
Asphyxiation (CBoN)
Blade Barrier
Command Monster (SaM)
Conjure Animals
Conjure Fire Elemental
Crushing Walls (ToM)
Disbelief (ToM)
Dragonbane (ToM)
Earthwrack (CBoD)
Entropy Shield (SaM)
Find the Path
Fire Seeds
Heroes' Feast
Ivy Siege (CBoD)
Land of Stability (ToM)
Legal Thoughts (ToM)
Monster Mount (ToM)
Part Water
Physical Mirror (ToM)
Reverse Time (ToM)
Seclusion (ToM)
Skip Day (ToM)
Sol's Searing Orb (ToM)
Speak With Monsters
Stone Tell
Summon Undead (CBoN)
The Great Circle (ToM)
Transmute Water to Dust
Transport via Plants
Turn Wood
Wall of Thorns
Weather Summoning
Whirlwind (SaM)
Word of Recall

Level 7

Animate Rock
Antimineral Shell (SaM)
Astral Spell
Breath of Life (ToM)
Chariot Sustarre
Conjure Air/Water Elemental (SaM)
Conjure Earth Elemental
Control Weather
Death Pact (CBoN)
Fire Storm
Holy Word
Hovering Road (ToM)
Illusory Fortification (ToM)
Impervious Sanctity of the Mind (SaM)
Mind Tracker (ToM)
Spacewarp (ToM)
Spirit of Power (ToM)
Tentacle Walls (ToM)
Timelessness (ToM)
Transmute Metal to Wood
Tree Spirit (CBoD)
Tsunami (SaM)
Uncontrolled Weather (ToM)
Unwilling Wood (CBoD)
Wind Walk