Equipment Tables

The original 2e equipment tables are very idiosyncratic and make no sense. Why does meat for one meal cost 1 silver, but a week's dry rations costs 100 times that? These tables should be used instead. If something doesn't appear on this table, you may check the original 2e equipment lists. If it doesn't appear there either, ask the DM.

NOTE: The tables below are from Hackmaster. This means that all prices must be multiplied by 10, or they will not make sense. Prices in TC become CP, prices in CP become SP, and prices in SP become GP.

Weapons & Armor

Use original tables in the PHB.

Clothing, Illumination and Expedition Gear

Load Bearing Equipment and Tools

Food, Lodging, Religious Items and Containers

Musical Instruments and Spices


Livestock and Mounts

Tack and Harness


Miscellaneous Equipment