The continent of Leng is the primary focus of the World of Morus as a campaign setting, and it is here that most adventure will take place. Leng is a large continent with a long and storied history, and many kingdoms and peoples have risen and fallen in its history. To the west of Leng stretches the Sea of Pearls, a shining ocean dotted with hundreds of islands, many inhabited. A large number of these isles are colonies of the Kingdom of Arelon, which exerts most of its considerable navy trying to protect them from pirates.


Bodies of Water

The Sea of Flails receives most of the rain from the center of the continent, with the rivers in the southwest and north flowing into it. It also does not empty into the ocean. As such it is a broad and shallow sea that is fairly salty and getting saltier, though this is a slow geological process as the sea is relatively new.

Water flows into the Sea of Vintas - really more of a giant open lake, like Lake Michigan - via northern rivers that originate in the mountain springs on Nirkivish, Tamora and the other northerly lands. It empties via the east, through Vingaard, and via the Clearwater River that goes south through Lorknir, into the Borderlands, and eventually drains into the ocean via Kharolis.

Trade Routes

Overland trade routes within Leng center around Lorknir and Vingaard (the former more than the latter). Since these central nations connect the profitable ports of the west and the east, there are effectively three options for any trader: travel via the wilderness south of Sacatmorul, travel by the Sea of Flails, or travel through the northern gnomish and dwarvish kingdoms of Dagoth and Dagrenoth Ur. Of these options: the first is extremely dangerous but the shortest route if wheeled vehicles are left behind, the second is fast, and the third is the slowest but safest (as long as you keep the gnomes and dwarves happy).

While overland trade between the western and eastern nations of Leng is significant, the fastest but riskiest routes are the sea routes that connect the Sea of Pearls in the west to the coastal nation of Kharolis, in the east. Although these routes are far faster than all three overland routes, the threat of piracy and mishap on the way makes it more attractive to powerful mercantile organisations than lone traders.

Trade Outside Of Leng

The Sea of Fate, southwest of the Sea of Pearls, is the most profitable overseas trade route - Zakhara and her colonies are great producers of wealth, after all. The most common trade routes start from any of the western nations of Leng and extend into the Sea of Pearls a little before forging southward towards the Sea of Fate. While it would be much faster to go directly west from the Sea of Pearls, this would take one through the Sea-Barony, where even the mighty Arelonian navy cannot exert the rule of law.

Trade with the east is rarer due to the great size of the Endless Ocean, but it does happen. Traders from Kyujitai tend to weigh anchor in the beautiful gnomish ports of Tamora or on the gentle coasts of Nevermoor. Tamora is more convenient, but the Kyujitai much prefer the warmer climate of Nevermoor. Warden does not see much sea trade as steep cliffs limit the number and size of their ports, and the land is not well-suited to transporting goods once they arrive.

Trade with Nordmaar across the Ocean of Winter is sparse and one way; for the most part, Nordmaar imports luxuries and exports mercenaries (and pirates). Because the northern fifth of Leng is taken up by the Uncharted Lands, the journey from Nordmaar is long and perilous. Sailors from the north must make a long detour to land either on the northern coasts of Arelon, or the fabulous seaports of the Gnomish Kingdom of Tamora.

Trade via the southern oceans is nonexistent as, besides a few tropical island colonies, there is no civilized land in or near the Boiling Ocean. This is part of the reason why the southern reaches of Leng are uncivilized today; they are not destinations, they are stops on the way. Nonetheless, there are no doubt powerful organisations that would like to "develop" Khazath into a more profitable trading partner.