A distant and vast continent, Kyujitai is far to the east of Leng. Most of their trade is done with Zakhara, who are far closer, but ships from this exotic land occasionally visit the eastern shores of Leng, bringing with them expensive luxury goods, strange and foreign magics, and rare magical drugs, amongst other things. The entirety of Kyujitai falls under the ruleset of the AD&D Oriental Adventures rulebook, and more information about the races, classes, countries, customs and magic of this land can be found there.

Kyujitai is known as the "Sickle-Moon Continent"; the southeastern fifth of the continent forms a large, curved landmass that encircles the Yellow Sea and the Celestial Sea to the east. This is Kara-Tur, the subcontinental area that contains the oriental nations that the people of Leng envision when they think of Kyujitai. Some details on these nations can be found in the back of the Oriental Adventures sourcebook. To the northwest, the Ama Basin gives way to the aptly named Horde Plains, which lead eventually into the Hordelands, vast and trackless. They stretch from the rich deserts of Semphar into the trackless steppes and deserts of the Endless Waste all the way into the desolate north and the Land of the Snow-Spirits. The lands north of Kara-Tur are a barbarian and savage place to live, and The Horde is a constant threat to the more civilized nations.