Monstrous Player Characters

This page contains the rules to turn various creatures from the Monstrous Manual into player characters.


Immensely strong and standing fully seven feet tall, bugbears are Large-sized creatures known for their savagery and love of ambush tactics. They receive a +2 bonus to Strength, but a -1 penalty to both Intelligence and Charisma. Furthermore, when dealing with members of "civilised" races, they receive a -4 penalty to encounter reaction rolls.

In addition to their strength and size, bugbears have a number of other advantages - and disadvantages. Their bulk and fortitude gives them a bonus of +3 hit points at first level, and their natural infravision extends to 60 feet. Like orcs, their bulk and stature gives them a movement speed of only 9. However, they have a natural knack for stealth and ambush: if alone or with other bugbears, they impose a -3 penalty to enemy surprise rolls.