The Mentalist Cabal

Although Leng's kingdoms and civilisations are backwards in many ways, their scholarly traditions are varied and many. In cases such as those of the Anatomical Society, this can even be a detriment, but for the most part it is seen as a good thing. Scholars are welcome and encouraged in many places, and in some cases kings or lords even acts as patrons to them - particularly in Vingaard, Lorkinir and Astinus. The Mentalist Cabal is one of the many scholarly organisations that can be found throughout Leng, although they are based most principally in the West.

The cabal is composed of scholars with a very specific interest: that in the inner workings of the mind. Many of them are enchanters or diviners, wishing to unravel the mystery of thought for domination or insight, but there are those that seek even purer forms of knowledge. Many theorise about the nature of the soul, and the difference between the minds of elves and so-called mortals. Some investigate the mysteries of magic itself, whereby mind and thought can be translated directly into reality. The most intrepid of their organisation even pursure the mysteries of the Dreamlands, attempting to unlock the secrets of the Ethereal Plane and the slumbering mind.