Feywardens of Murthrid

The Feywardens are a faction of elvish champions, as close to paladins as can be found amongst elves. They are priests in service to Shevarash, the Seldarine demipower of war and vengeance. Although on other planes, Shevarash is a relatively minor deity, he has particular power and prominence in Morus as a result of the many wars that the Leng elves have fought both with humans and drow from beneath the surface. Though most commonly found in Murthrid - where their order is based - and the lands surrounding it, Feywardens have been known to ride across Leng in service of their cause.

The duty of the Feywarden is to the elvish people: they must protect and uphold them and their interests wherever possible. When wrongs are done upon the elvish people, it is their duty to repay these wrongs in kind with vengeance. When enemies of the elvish people walk abroad, it is their duty to strike proactively. They are the epitome of the hardest, hottest part of the elven character: implacable, intelligent and utterly devoted to their cause. It is the Feywardens who lead the elven people in times of war, acting as lieutenants and generals amongst the elven warriors.

All feywardens must spend an NWP slot on the Riding proficiency. Their two weapon proficiencies must be spent on the longsword and either the longbow or shortbow - as feywardens spend much of their time riding, many favour the latter for firing from horseback. The major spheres of a feywarden are All, Charm, Combat, Divination, Guardian, and Protection. Their minor spheres are Healing, Elemental Fire, Sun, Travelers and Wards.