The Chosen of Vashidin

The Chosen of Vashidin are a tiny cult with an extremist motive. They worship Vashidin, a god who was once popular amongst a few small extremist city-states in Lorknir but in recent times has become a "dead god". The priesthood of Vashidin perceived magic-users as a threat, and tried as hard as they could to destroy them, stamping them out in any city-state where they had influence. The Chosen continue to tradition, believing through mistranslation that this is the will of Vashidin. They believe that Vashidin is constrained by magic-users as part of a massive conspiracy to keep him from worship, and that each magic-user destroyed weakens his bonds and strengthens his presence in the world.


In 201 AE, the Chosen of Vashidin in Vingaard were driven out of Solamnus and crushed by the Truthseekers. During this period, key members of the cult were slain in the name of the Queen's Justice, and the cult was disbanded. However, they have not been entirely stamped out; led by a few surviving members, the Remnants of the Chosen have reformed and allied themselves with the Cult of Tyaa.