The Blades

An order of assassins who work in the shadows to drive out corruption. While their motives are good, they are vigilantes and can be extreme or misguided.

The main body of the order is made of Operatives, actual assassins. Some travel the world, some stay in one place and have families, but they are always ready for the next contract from a Blade. The Blades are the higher order. They meet once a year in the city of Caragoth (in Arelon) to discuss the agenda of the order and discuss those who have been targetted for assassination and the politics of the cities of Leng. The rest of the year, they travel Leng with a group of Apprentices, usually young untrained Operatives or orphans who have been taken in by the Blades and have not yet been given the decision to join the Blades or not. The Apprentices often serve as messengers to the Operatives in the area of the Blade. Blade Agents often perform their own, high-profile contracts.

While the Blades have their own agendas, their agents are not always on a job - in fact, in the grand scheme of things, their assignments are relatively rare, and each involves a great deal of preparation to ensure that it will not go awry. In their free time, an agent may do as they please, though due to their positions and skills most either operate safehouses for other members of the Blades, or act as explorers, walking the earth and keeping the tenets of the Blades.

The tenets of the Blades are:

I. Suffer not injustice, for it brings dishonour.
II. Suffer not corruption, for it brings dishonour.
III. To expose the Blades is to bring them dishonour.
IV. Bring death before dishonour.
V. To dishonour one's self is to dishonour all who call you brother.

The most important of these tenets is the fourth, for it tells of the true dedication of the Blade - they would rather die than allow any of them to be broken.