Adventurers of Leng

Though considered a scourge by many, adventurers can be found throughout Leng. Some are cynical mercenaries looking to make a quick coin by any means necessary. Others are noble crusaders in service of a god or a cherished ideal. And still others occupy every category between the two extremes. One thing that sets adventuring parties aside from more traditional mercenary organisations is their autonomy; they tend to be an eclectic mix of various unusual skills, personalities and abilities.

This, combined with their willingness to take on difficult or unusual jobs, makes them a necessary evil in the eyes of many. Guards are all well and good for patrolling the streets - and what local mayor can afford to pay a wizard's retainer? But when evil threatens the citizenry, or an old family heirloom has fallen into the hands of vicious trolls, it is time to call in the adventurers - exorbitant prices and all.

The Blackwater Company

Located on one end of Cuthbert's Road, the Gilded Lily is a magnificent mansion that belongs to Count Lehtinan Blackwater of High Hill. What began as a summer house has become home to a group of young fops and fledfling knights known as the Blackwater Company, who are renowned for their boisterousness, hot temper and thirst for battle. Many of the Forsworn were members of the Blackwater Company, and as a result they are currently keeping a very low profile.

The Company of the Crow

An infamous mercenary group, the Company of the Crow are known for combining strict military discipline, arcane power and professional cooperation. They have been employed by warlords and kings throughout Lorknir, Vingaard and Kharolis and have gone from many iterations - variously a tiny band barely held together by a few surviving members to a small army.

The Iron Crown

There is always a market for adventurers in Vingaard, and it is only natural that the Queen would assemble the best of the best of those pledged to service of the kingdom. Almost 200 years old, the Iron Crown is an entity of elite adventurers that performs tasks of great difficulty and danger for the Queen of Vingaard. It is led by Baurus, the Vorpal Swordsman, and Marvolo the Marvellous.

The Jade Foxes

Variously troubadours, thieves and vigilantes, the Jade Foxes were - until recently - a wandering troupe of inveterate rogues. They are led by 3 senior and highly skilled thieves named Andren, Aelfstart and Ames. Recently, they have taken up permanent residence in the city of Solamnus, joining with Eoghan, a former Fox and Truthseeker who is attempting to push out the College of Peers and gain a foothold in the city. They are based out of the Fox & Pheasant, an inn owned by Eoghan just outside the city walls.

The Truthseekers

One of the most controversial and divisive groups in Vingaard, the Truthseekers have been variously heroes and villains. They have been elevated and esteemed by the Crown, awarded the Mark of Vingaard - and they have been exiled for associating with a wielder of necromancy and heretical demonology.

Their group has gone through many iterations, but the most recent iterations is very much one that is loyal to the Queen of Vingaard. Their leader is Dame Annabelle of Percival, a resurrected Paladin of St. Cuthbert and Knight of the Tyrean Order. With her is Dame Felicity of Fletcher, a lowborn hedge knight - also of the Tyrean Order. Swelling their esteemed ranks further are Kazur, a Patriarch of Ravi, and the inscrutable elf and wielder of the Sword of Kas, Davonil. They have other probationary members, also, who come and go, but are not part of the "core" party yet.