Horses of Leng

With some exceptions, a good horse can be found for sale in almost any civilised location on Morus, at the approximate prices listed in the Player's Handbook:

Horse Value
Riding Horse 75 gp
Light Warhorse 150 gp
Medium Warhorse 225 gp
Heavy Warhorse 400 gp
Draft Horse 200 gp

However, for the discerning rider - especially rangers or those with the Animal Lore or Riding NWP - there is a great deal more nuance to selecting a mount than this. Various parts of Leng and the greater world are known for producing specific kinds of horses, each with their own unique qualities. If you are willing to pay a heavy sum for the very best and most suitable steed, it can give you a significant edge above the competition.

Each of the horses given below is assigned a price range. This can encompass a variety of factors - how rare these horses are in the area, the temperament and health of the horse, or the greed of the merchant. One thing that should be kept in mind in particular is how many hit points the horse has. This varies from horse to horse and is a good indicator of their general health and sturdiness; the DM should roll this first and base the price on this before anything else.

Horses of Lorknir

Ambrosian Horse

Type: Light/Riding
Price (Riding): 100-150 gp
Price (War): 180-250 gp

An alert and attentive horse, the Zakharan horse is the most common and popular horse on the continent of Leng. Originating in the "cradle of humanity", their bloodline can be found in almost every breed of horses on Leng, but purebred Ambrosians have certain qualities that are peculiar to them. They are known for being high-spirited, attentive and highly alert horses that must be handled with care and respect by their riders.

Ambrosian horses are good-natured and willing to learn, making training them for war faster than with many other horses. All Ambrosian horses, whether for riding or war, are peerless in the practice of endurance riding. As a result, their effective land speed - which would usually be 48 miles over 10 hours, assuming ideal conditions - is increased to 52 miles. This is because they can keep a good pace for longer.

Ambrosian horses can be found all across eastern Leng, but as their name implies, they are native to the hills that surround the city of Ambrose, in eastern Lorknir. They are ridden and herded in great numbers by the plainsmen of the Hestifax Plains to the north of Ambrose, and many wild Ambrosian horses roam there as well.

Horses of the South

Desert Horse

Type: Light/Riding
Price (Riding): 130-200 gp
Price (War): 200-300 gp

Though to the distantly related to the line of Ambrosian horses found in Lorknir, the desert horse is found mostly in and around the Plains of Dust - particularly the desolate eastern reaches at the edge of the Borderlands, where a number of small rivers flow both above and below the ground and form numerous oases. The horses are mostly feral and wild, and there is almost no market for them throughout Leng; this being said, the Shalafi nomads that live near them will tame and ride them, when possible.

In terms of appearance, desert horses look similar to Ambrosians: tall, slender and fine-boned. The only difference is that they are only ever bay-colored. While equally as alert and attentive as an Ambrosian horse, they are not quite as good at long-distance endurance running. They make up for this with another kind of endurance, however - desert horses are not picky about their food and can go without water for as long as 30 hours in the desert summer before they begin to feel the ill effects of dehydration. Away from the desert sun or during the winter, they can go 72 hours without water - even in areas that would be considered hot by many.

Horses of Vingaard

Vintish Warmblood

Type: Medium
Price: 250-300 gp

An ancient and noble breed of horses primarily bred in the vast Plains of Aurus but common to the south of Vingaard, the Vintish Warmblood is a strong, stout steed. Their calm, confident temperament makes them ideal for service as draft animals or as dependable mounts in times of war that are less likely to shy away from arrows and noise. Many of the medium-weight horses in Vingaard are called warmbloods, but a true purebred Vintish warmblood can be identified by its long legs, rectangular frame and expressive head.

Vintish warmbloods are strong and sturdy, less likely to maim themselves easily. Furthermore, they are exceptionally long-lived - in some cases pushing 30 years. Their unhurried nature gives a +1 bonus to Riding checks made to maintain control, but a -1 penalty to Riding checks made to push them into feats that a horse would not normally attempt. The exception to this is jumping; Vintish warmbloods are strong jumpers, and there is a +1 bonus to Riding checks made to induce them into jumping.

Vintish Charger

Type: Heavy
Price: 600-800 gp

Bred for size and strength, the Vintish charger is a massive destrier - and part of the what gives the Knights of Vingaard their reputation across Leng as deadly horsemen. Their origin is mixed between the warmbloods of central Vingaard and the heavy draft horses that roam the hills of Nevermoor, and they are mostly found in southern Vingaard as a result. In particular, they are widely bred in the duchy of Middlestone Fields, and knights from all over Vingaard come to the city of Cuthan for their warhorses.

As their name implies, Vintish chargers - though powerful as any destrier - are best suited to charging across open fields. Because of their size and strength, no Riding NWP check needs to be made to keep on riding after charging an opponent with a Vintish charger. Their sturdiness also means that each of their hit dice are increased by 1 hit point, although this still can't bring them above 8 HP per die. Small wonder that they are so expensive - a good charger can cost you as much as a set of plate mail armor.