World of Morus



Morus is a campaign setting for AD&D 2nd edition (albeit with some heavy homebrew and houseruling). It is set within the infinity of the Planescape multiverse, which is mostly played according to the original 2E source material. The only exception is that the DM prefers to emphasise the conflict between Law and Chaos much more strongly than that between Good and Evil, on the multiversal scale. Although Good and Evil are often more important to mortals, they have little effect on the grand balance of the multiverse. It is between Law and Chaos that the multiverse tilts towards a state of determinism or entropy, with the forces of Neutrality desperately struggling to maintain the balance.

Morus is a world that has spent a long time overlooked by the great forces of the universe but is slowly but surely being drawn into this eternal conflict, so these considerations play a greater and greater role in the events of the world as time goes on. Like most D&D settings, Morus exists in a Material Plane, bounded by a crystal sphere. It is not the oldest of worlds, however - in fact, it is a relatively young plane. This means that, in many ways, it is still teething and has yet to truly find a stable place in the multiverse. It is a world that has undergone many transitions, the most recent of which seems poised to draw it into the dichotomy of Law and Chaos - the gods are more prevalent in Morus today than they ever have been in the past, and slowly but surely the battle lines are being drawn.

Although our campaigns have taken us all across Morus, the main focus is on the country of Vingaard - a relatively young kingdom that is the birthplace of the Trinity of Leng. These are gods dedicated to lofty ideals of justice, redemption and the sanctity of life - a sharp contrast of the "Old Gods" common throughout much of Leng, who tend to embody more primal ideals.